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Love songs for the winter weary

  • Feb 13, 2014
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As Eastern Canada hunkers down in the face of a Valentine’s Day snowstorm, here’s a playlist of the warmest and fuzziest winter love songs.

Wintertime Love – The Doors

Jim Morrison wonders if he’s only being used as a winter blanket.

In the cold, cold night – The White Stripes

Cabin fever gets the better of drummer Meg White.

Baby it’s Cold Outside – Bing Crosby and Doris Day

A snowy, squalling night is a decent excuse for persuasion to stay indoors.

Shelter from the Storm – Bob Dylan

Dylan sings on the community that can come from wintering together.

Song for a Winter’s Night – Gordon Lightfoot

Lightfoot’s longing not to be alone on a cold winter’s night, but doesn’t seem willing to brave the elements.

Your Rocky Spine – Great Lake Swimmers

A love song to the Canadian landscape: listen to the snow — it might carry a message for you.


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