Gear Review: Tilley hats for the stylish city and hardy hinterland

Tilley Endurables offers more variety than just that legacy sun hat. But of course that hat is still an option.
  • Nov 03, 2016
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Can Geo editors Alexandra Pope and Sabrina Doyle take on two different offerings from iconic Canadian brand Tilley Endurables. Pope gives the stylish floppy fedora a whirl around the city, while Doyle puts the lightweight mesh hat to the test on some rainy October bike rides.

Tilley Endurables Floppy Fedora

Nothing completes a great fall outfit like a hat, but it’s rare to find a lid that combines both form and function. The women’s floppy fedora from Canada’s iconic Tilley Endurables brand offers protection from the rain and snow without compromising on style. The first time I put it on, I felt an irrepressible urge to start Instagramming myself in a variety of autumnal poses: kicking through piles of bright red and yellow leaves, cupping a mug of hot coffee with both hands while gazing wistfully into the middle distance, that sort of thing. But make no mistake, when the weather turned ugly, I was grateful for the wool felt hat’s tuck-away ear warmers and durable, water-repellant construction. It also boasts a secret pocket secured with Velcro, perfect for the discreet day-tripper who prefers to travel light. The hat comes backed by a lifetime guarantee, meaning if it wears out from normal use, Tilley will replace it free of charge — which should reassure those who may balk at the $115 price tag. Get it here.

– Alexandra Pope

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Left: Tilley Endurables Floppy Fedora Right: Tilley Endurables lightweight mesh hat (Photo: Tilley Canada)

 Tilley Endurables Lightweight Mesh

Outdoor outfitters may refer to the classic Tilley sunhat as the best hat in the world, but despite widespread critical acclaim, the Canadian company has nevertheless garnered a reputation as being the stylistic purview of retired weekend warriors. As a friend of mine once said, “[Tilley’s] do the an amazing job for what they where conceived, but it still hurts to look at them.” So when I – a late-20s former farm girl who now spends more time in shabby-chic bars than secluded backwoods – found myself holding the beige, mesh chapeau aloft, I was admittedly a little reluctant to place it on my head. But wear it I did. And you know what? I’m glad. When I got caught in a downpour, I was pleasantly surprised by how great it was to have the powerfully water-resistant hat keeping rain off my glasses. It was sturdy enough to withstand winds and being crumpled in my bag, but flexible enough that I was able to fit it under my bike helmet (style gods bedamned) and would bounce back to its original shape. It’s made from lightweight supplex nylon and rated UPF 50+. Although my main aesthetic objection was against the mesh crown, I can respect the fact that it would provide welcome ventilation on a hot day. Get it here.

– Sabrina Doyle


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