Exploring Tuktut Nogait National Park

Writer Bruce Kirkby discusses his journey through Tuktut Nogait National Park
  • Feb 22, 2016
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“When you come to the north, the land and the landscape are always amazing,” begins Bruce Kirkby as he discusses a part of Canada that is both special and foreign to many people.

In the video above, filmed by The Inuvialuit Communications Society, beautiful footage of Tuktut Nogait National Park is overlaid with Kirkby’s monologue about the park and why it’s special. While the animals are a reminder that humans are not alone on this earth and that they must share the space, Kirkby says connecting with local First Nations was the highlight of his trip to the area.

Tuktut Nogait National Park is located 170 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and boasts a diversity of wildlife, from wolves to grizzly bears to arctic char to the Bluenose West caribou herd. This ecological abundance has sustained the Aboriginal peoples who have lived on the land for thousands of years, from the early Thule cultures to today’s Inuvialuit.

Canadian Geographic Travel: The Best of National Parks

This story is from the Canadian Geographic Travel: Spring 2016 Issue

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