Coffee press and storage perfect for on-trail and at-home brewing

An easy-to-clean French press great for commutes, road trips or brewing in the kitchen

  • Jan 07, 2021
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The Airscape storage container (small) that O'Carroll used for coffee bean storage, along with his favourite Kingston roast - North Roast “Costa Rica.”
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Aran O’Carroll, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s national director, climate change and environment found the OVRLNDR Press “ingenious” for his at-home brews. 

The product:

OVRLNDR Press and Airscape coffee storage container from Planetary Design.

What did you do with the product?

Storing coffee beans in a near vacuum, air-tight environment, plus making lovely French-press coffee at home and on-the-trail.

The OVRLNDR “BruTreck” French-press and O'Carroll's beloved childhood Bunnykins mug.
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Initial thoughts:

The insulated and well-sealed carafe kept coffee warm and prevented spills. The ingenious removable bottom of the OVRLNDR made it a snap to clean. They were both robust and very well thought out products! 

Would you buy this on your own?

I was so impressed with the products that I rushed out to buy more!



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