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Canadian Energy Summit returns to Toronto

  • May 24, 2015
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Over the next three days, the Energy Council of Canada will host some of the biggest players in energy at its 2015 Canadian Energy Summit in Toronto. The summit, like the non-partisan organization behind it, aims to explore the whole energy story, from economics to First Nations to innovation and more. Canadian Geographic is proud to partner with the Energy Council of Canada and will be covering the event this week.

Topics will include:

  • energy’s contribution to the balance of trade, government revenues and economic benefits
  • the opportunities for employment in traditional and emerging energy sectors
  • the invisible role of infrastructure, aging issues, new configurations, re-purposing
  • energy innovation which finds solutions to environmental issues in conventional energy activities leading to breakthroughs and new paradigms
  • economic and social opportunities from resource developments in First Nations’ communities and regions
  • fostering of capital flows in the Canadian financial sector.

For more energy facts, click on the three themed fact sheets below:


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