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Canada's Coolest School Trip says goodbye

  • Jun 05, 2015
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The chance to sleep in a bed was a welcome one. Over the past week the Grade 8 class from Caledonia Regional High School has slept in tents, oTENtiks and the floor of a 19-century fort, and as interesting as those were, a real bed was a treat.

The last day of Canada’s Coolest School Trip was really just a chance to take a breath before hopping back on a plane to Hillsborough, N.B. A quick breakfast and a visit to the revolving restaurant on top of Le Concorde hotel with its amazing views, and it was time for a few last photos before heading to the airport.

Between shots I asked the class what their favourite part of the trip was. Was it Old Quebec and dinner at the exclusive Garrison Club? Or how about being a soldier at the Levis Fort? Or was it canoeing and hiking in the rain (it was cold and wet enough that yours truly now has a nasty cold)?

My informal survey of the class showed that canoeing and hiking to the Waber Falls in La Mauricie National Park was the overall favourite, but being a soldier and learning traditional Quebec dance moves was a close second. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The class was all smiles all week, with enough energy to keep moving when chaperones and writers were desperate for a break. An intense five hours in the rain on muddy trails was, well, a walk in the park for them.

A few more camera clicks and a round of goodbyes later and it was off to the airport. This was my second time covering Canada’s Coolest School Trip, and both times the claim has been right: it was indeed Canada’s coolest school trip.


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