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Countdown to the Canmore Winter Meltdown
  • Feb 28, 2013
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Photo © Monica Gorski
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The clock may be ticking on Winter 2013, but starting at 9:30 a.m. on March 23, participants in the Alberta Winter Triathlon Provincials will be making the most of the fading season. At the Canmore Nordic Centre, it’s the Canmore Winter Meltdown, where athletes in novice, sport and expert categories will burn up the course forging individual and team bests via cross-country skis, mountain bikes and running gear.

At the Canmore Winter Meltdown, triathlon courses are 10km, 10km and 5km for the expert/sport men and women and the relay teams (men, women and mixed), while men and women novices compete separately on a 5km course for each discipline. Men and women’s duathlon events toggle from a 4km run to a 5km ride and wrap up with a 5km run across the finish line. (All proceeds go to Cross-Country Canada for the National Team Program.)

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As with all outdoor sporting events, weather is key, and perhaps no time more than in winter. With a healthy base of the white stuff on the ground, training for a winter triathlon, according to experts, offers a host of benefits, from challenging our peripheral and core stability muscles to forcing muscles to work harder, which leads to an increase in strength and power. Whether competitors in Canmore will be facing fresh powder or the slushy dregs of the season, however, is anybody’s guess. And that, apparently, is half the fun.

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