A dozen travel-related New Year's resolutions from Canadian Geographic

  • Jan 07, 2015
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At Canadian Geographic, a lot of our goals for 2015 are focused on travel.

Staff at the magazine and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society decided to share some New Year’s resolutions, in case you’re looking for inspiration.

“I would like to visit Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador and capture it’s beauty with my camera!”
Javier Frutos, Art Director

“Live more dangerously. Within limits, of course. I feel like I’m an overly cautious traveller generally, and that keeps me on the beaten track and rarely off it. But when I’ve taken a calculated ‘risk’ (eaten something exotic, tried a new experience) on the road less travelled on a few occasions, it has, as Robert Frost wrote, ‘made all the difference’ in stumbling on truly unique travel experiences.”
Aaron Kylie, Editor

“I want to travel to a new country this year and want to explore more of the amazing local nature activities.”
Ellen Curtis, Education Program Manager

“I travel a lot, so only one travel resolution seems necessary: to squeeze in an incredible honeymoon adventure with my new hubby before the year is through. I think we’ll keep it Canadian, too.”
Jessica Finn, Photo Editor

“This year, I would like to visit a new country, explore it and enjoy myself and relax while travelling. I feel it is also important, while exploring a new country, to learn about the people and the culture to have a true travel experience.”
Emma Viel-Horler, Logistics Coordinator

I resolve to take better photos and write more. I’m not going to let my husband and son be the sole family photographers. I’m going to join in on the fun, and make my own memories. I’m also going to write more about what I see and do so they are harder to forget and I can relive the adventure when I return home.

I resolve to embrace my husband’s travel binder and not scoff at it. When my husband attempts to go over the travel plans of the day each morning and update us on the history of each destination or stop, I will listen intently and be thankful for his enthusiasm and his passion for detail.”
Valerie Hall Daigle, Senior National Accounts Manager

“This year, I’m resolving to take an actual vacation. Most of my friends and family think I’m always on vacation because I travel so much, but when I’m on the road, I’m on the job. I work long hours and continue to juggle half a dozen projects from the field. This year, I resolve that at least one time, I will unplug for a few days and travel for the sheer joy of it. The destination is far less important than the journey.”
Tyrone Burke, Writer/editor/photographer

“I’m in Texas at the moment, and so far it’s been fantastic (Fredericksburg and San Antonio are must-visits, if you’re looking for inspiration), so I think I’d love to come back and see more of the Lone Star state. If that can’t happen, though, then I’d like to resolve to be more of a traveller/tourist in my own city: Ottawa.”
Harry Wilson, Senior Editor

“Stop last-minute packing: I tend to procrastinate as long as possible when it comes to packing for a trip. It’s always a mad scramble to find clean clothes and small toiletry containers the night before and most of the time I end up dumping my belongings haphazardly into my suitcase only to arrive at a destination with a mess. My resolution for 2015 is to pack and organize my luggage with at least a few days to spare.”
Michela Rosano, Associate Editor

I don’t do conventional resolutions, but each year on January 1st, I pick a verb that sums up my priorities for the year and helps guide my decision-making. This year I chose ‘explore’. I want to get outside my comfort zone and experience new places!”
Rachel Jobson, Project Coordinator

“My 2015 travel resolution is long and layered.

I’d like to travel at least twice in Canada — anywhere in Canada — for every trip abroad. In the last year or so I’ve somehow managed to see a chunk of the North, Alberta’s Rockies and the East Coast (with a short stay in Winnipeg, too), so I declare this the year of the centre. Wherever else I go, I’d like to take my time winding along the north coast of our Great Lakes and across Manitoba. The long stretch around Lake Superior’s shore is surely one of the top three road trips in the country — right up there with Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail and B.C.’s Highway 99 to 97 — and the great grasslands and prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan still do not get the praise they warrant. At least they haven’t from me, yet.

I resolve to make this Canada-centre adventure using only paper maps — except in the case of some terrible emergency or spilled sticky drinks.

I resolve to practice planning less, even to the point of booking some overnights on arrival (terrifying!), rather than lining up all sites, stops and stays in advance. Time to give chance more room to creep in — if only occasionally.

I also resolve to stop complaining about the cost of rail tickets and less-than-perfect accessibility to and punctuality of trains in this country compared to the U.K. and mainland Europe. We’re a freight-first nation and the only G8 member without high-speed passenger rail, and that’s unlikely to change soon. (There, I got it out of my system.) To me, a train ride through any piece of Canada is still more gripping, more romantic, than any other sort of long-distance transit.”
Nick Walker, Managing Editor

“My travel resolution for 2015 is to travel deeply not broadly. Throughout the year I’ll be visiting places that I’ve frequented in the past and I resolve to get to know them better. Like the Canadian Geographic watchwords, ‘explore’ and ‘discover,’ my intention is to indulge my curiosity, find out more about familiar landscapes, and leave the highway in order to follow the road less travelled.”
Mary Jane Starr, Director of Strategic Partnerships


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