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10 RCGS updates from October

Here's a bit of what The Royal Canadian Geographical Society got up to in October.

  • Oct 29, 2015
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Photo: The Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag with the Les chemins de l’or bleu paddling expedition, which completed its journey in late October. (Photo: Les chemins de l’or bleu/Facebook)

There’s a lot of ways to make Canada better known to Canadians. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is trying as many ways as possible.

While best known for its iconic magazine, Canadian Geographic, the Society also supports expeditions across the country, provides grants and scholarships for geography research, and promotes geographic literacy through a variety of free teacher resources.

Here’s a bit of what the Society got up to in October.

  1. Franklin’s Lost Ship
    A new book about the Franklin expedition, by John Geiger and Alanna Mitchell, is now available for purchase.
  2. The Ultimate Canadian Geography Quiz
    New quiz-book, featuring more than 250 questions to test your geography genius, landed on newsstands.
  3. Can Geo Challenge
    Registration for the Canadian Geographic Challenge opened to grades 4 to 10.
  4. Chemins de l’or bleu
    The Society’s Expedition of the Year successfully reached Inuvik after canoeing 7000km across the country in six months.
  5. Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year
    Winners announced for eighth annual WPY photo competition. Two 2015 photo competitions remain open for entries: Show Us Your Canada and Hydro Power (closing soon).
  6. RCGS awards
    Most of the year’s medals have been awarded, including the Gold medal to Jacob Verhoef for his work mapping oceans.
  7. Energy IQ tour
    Giant floor map on energy production and transmission travelled through Alberta.
  8. BioBlitz in Riding Mountain National Park
    Canadian Geographic Education joins forces with Parks Canada and Canadian Wildlife Federation to create citizen science pilot project in the Lake Winnipeg watershed.
  9. Winter Travel issue
    New travel issue includes feature package on the American states that Canadians visit the most. On newsstands now.
  10. International Symposium on Digital Earth
    Canadian Geographic Education executive representatives participated in the symposium dedicated to using digital technologies to map and manage the environment.

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