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10 RCGS updates from February

Here's a bit of what the RCGS got up to last month
  • Feb 29, 2016
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New crowd funding campaign, Mission Wild Wolverine, launched in February.
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There’s a lot of ways to make Canada better known to Canadians. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is trying as many ways as possible. While best known for its iconic magazine, Canadian Geographic, the Society also supports expeditions across the country, provides grants and scholarships for geography research, and promotes geographic literacy through a variety of free teacher resources. Here’s a bit of what the Society got up to in February.

  1. Mission Wild Wolverine In an effort to celebrate the iconic Canadian wolverine and raise awareness of its disappearing habitat, we’ve launched Mission Wild Wolverine, a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of working with one of the country’s top wildlife photographers to capture stunning images of the elusive creature. Donate today!
  2. Phone photography workshop Canadian Geographic’s social media editor Alexandra Pope held a workshop at the Royal Ontario Museum for members of the public wanting to develop their photography skills with their cellphones.
  3. Texas contest launches Win a trip for two to Texas! Enter before March 31, 2016 for a chance to be the lucky winner of Canadian Geographic’s newest contest.
  4. Classroom Energy Diet Challenge The CEDC started February 1st and classrooms across the country have jumped headlong into the fun and educational challenges and social engagement to conserve energy.
  5. Tickets available for Spring Lecture The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is pleased to announce Can Geo Talks 2016: Inuit Oral Tradition and Franklin, to be held at the Canadian Museum of History on April 12th, 2016 at 7pm.
  6. Fox Week They’re cute, they’re interesting, they’re everywhere. Canadian Geographic dedicated the second week of February to celebrating foxes in all their furry glory.
  7. New issue of Canadian Geographic Travel The March 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel has landed in subscribers’ mailboxes. Check it out to learn the best new activities available in some of Canada’s favourite national parks.
  8. RCGS Expeditions Two of the expeditions selected to be a part of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s 2016 Expedition Program began their voyages this month. Follow Canadian Geographic for updates on the Bell Island diving expedition and the Route Blanche snowshoeing expedition.
  9. Franklin’s Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of the HMS Erebus returns to national bestseller list After a book signing where he scribbled in an impressive 500 books, RCGS CEO John Geiger was delighted to learn that the book he wrote with Alanna Mitchell had returned to a number of bestseller lists.

  10. Canadian Geographic Challenge The deadline for the 21st Canadian Geographic Challenge was in February. Starting in March students across the country will display their geographic knowledge and compete to advance to the national finals, being held in Ottawa in May 2016.

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