10 photos of monarch butterflies from the Can Geo Photo Club

Some of our favourite shots of monarch butterflies from the Can Geo Photo Club in honour of the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz

  • Jul 24, 2020
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As a child — or even as an adult — there’s nothing more enchanting than a butterfly. With their bright colours and delicate nature, they make for amazing photo subjects.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many monarch butterfly researchers are unable to do their annual fieldwork across North America to learn more about the insects. Instead, they’re asking for help through the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz, where people across North America can study the monarch butterflies in their own area and submit their findings to help research.

In honour of the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz, here are ten of our favourite monarch photos, courtesy of the Canadian Geographic Photo Club:

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(Photo: Brenda Doherty/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Brian Morber/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Cheryl Meyer/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Guy Durocher/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Ian Darragh/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Joachim Wulfers/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Kevin Kwong/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Nicole Waston/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Steve Phillips/CanGeo Photo Club)
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(Photo: Susan Dubois/CanGeo Photo Club)

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