• Nearly half (48 per cent) of our voters preferred the Vancouver option (far right).

It’s a tale of three cities, so to speak.

When we pitted Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver cityscapes against one another for our May/June 2017 issue cover vote — held each issue to solicit feedback from our followers — we didn’t know what to expect. People are passionate about their cities, and each of these busy centres is home to a large percentage of our readers. Nevertheless, after thousands of Canadians had clicked for their favourite, nearly half (48 per cent) preferred the Pacific Coast’s City of Glass.

Perhaps the futuristic Telus World of Science (the glass-and-steel geodesic dome at the south end of downtown Vancouver) in the winning image earned it extra votes, or maybe it was the ocean inlet reflecting dramatic city lights. Whatever the draw, it was enough to beat a sunny view of The Bow building from Calgary’s Olympic Plaza (30 per cent) and even the country’s most iconic skyline — Toronto’s CN Tower and soaring office and condo buildings fronted by urban forest (21 per cent).

For anyone disappointed that their hometown didn’t win the day, the issue is packed with Canada’s fascinating urban angles. We dive into Montreal’s 375th anniversary, Fredericton’s St. Mary’s urban reserve, Canada’s great garbage problem and the animals that share our cities. We chart the true spread of Canada’s big metropolitan areas and dare you not to get lost in our tough city-themed quiz. (So really, it’s a tale of more than a dozen cities.)

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