• The middle photo received 50 per cent of votes. Photo one (on the left) received the next highest tally at 34 per cent.

Yep, we did it again. For the second straight issue, and contrary to our typical approach, we’ve overruled the winning cover from our online poll.

While option two nabbed 50 per cent of the vote, we chose option one (which got a solid 34 per cent of the tally). And while we greatly appreciate, and indeed rely on, the valuable input generated by our poll, the reality is that many factors play into our decision.

In this case, our publisher Gilles Gagnier’s years of experience and the advice of our newsstand circulation advisers at St. Joseph Communications were key. Both preferred option one because the cover lines were clearer and the background colours stronger and more spring-like — all important factors for newsstand sales success.

Of course, the opinion of our online community played into the decision. We don’t take overruling popular opinion lightly, and the feedback we receive is as important as the other considerations in our process. Rest assured, this was no easy call.

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