Biyu is 72, a grandmother on the East Coast. She helps take care of her grandchildren and plays cards once a week with a group of friends. 

Should she get a flu shot? 

How about Ajit, an emergency room nurse? Or Jules, a 17-year-old part-time grocery store employee? 

In Canadian Geographic’s newest digital storytelling enterprise, you decide! 

Influenza lets you choose who should get vaccinated to protect them from Influenza A. Then, follow a few months in each of these character’s lives to see if they made the right choice. 

Can you make it through without contracting the flu?

Meticulously researched and extensively fact-checked, Influenza follows the success of the Unmasking Influenza project. Supported in part by an educational grant by Sanofi Pasteur, with graphics and design from Cicada Creative, this multi-layered digital interactive will teach you at least one thing you didn’t know about Influenza A or the flu vaccine. 

Try all three characters for a unique experience at