• David McGuffin and Adam Shoalts

    Explore host David McGuffin, left, interviews Adam Shoalts about the inspiration for his latest book, The Whisper on the Night Wind.

October ...The nights grow longer and darker. It's time for Hallowe'en, time to gather around fires and tell ghost stories. And that is exactly what RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Adam Shoalts has in store for us in this episode. He joins us to talk about his new book, The Whisper on the Night Wind. It's a wilderness tale of the supernatural, an investigation into a century-old legend of a strange, demon-like creature that haunted the remote fur trading posts of Labrador. This creature, known as the Traverspine Beast or Traverspine Gorilla, was described in detail by multiple eye-witnesses over several years. Armed with those accounts — and a travel companion trained in mixed martial arts — Adam set off in his canoe, up roaring Labrador rivers and into the ancient, mist-shrouded Mealy Mountains, in search of this legend.

The resulting story is a fantastic, fun and chilling tale, a look, as he puts it, into “the strange and scary things that lurk in the darkness, beyond the flicker of the firelight.”

This episode's #CanGeoSoundscape comes to us from Chris O'Brien in Etobicoke, Ont. It’s the autumn sound of waves lapping on the rocky shores of Troy Lake, north of Kingston, Ont. Tag us @cangeo on Twitter or Instagram with video or audio of your favourite Canadian sounds and it may appear on a future episode.

Our spooky music for this episode came to us courtesy of Liam Seagrave (@pianogeist). 
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