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A new spark in wildfire investigation

How new techniques may be able to help solve more cases of large-scale arson 

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Digital map shows Alberta wildfires in near real-time

An interactive map released by Esri Canada allows users to track wildfires and see where they are most active

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Satellite image showing smoke from Amazon fires blowing over Brazil on August 20, 2019


Fires are burning in the Amazon rainforest. Here’s what you need to know

Fire activity in the Brazilian Amazon surged this week; here are some key things to know about the situation

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Parks Canada archeologists stand behind burnt remains of bison skull and bones after the Kenow wildfire, Waterton Lakes National Park. (Parks Canada)


Archeologists uncover new history in Waterton Lakes National Park after 2017 wildfire

Lead archeologist Bill Perry discusses the latest findings and what they reveal about the region

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Photo: Aaron Williams


What it’s really like to fight a wildfire

A former firefighter offers a glimpse at the day-to-day lives of the men and women who rush into danger each summer to protect life and property

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