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Vancouver’s hidden yin-yang

Exploring the streets of Vancouver with bestselling author Bill Arnott in anticipation of his new book, A Perfect Day for a Walk

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We knew Vancouver’s ecosystem was damaged. The truth is so much worse

More than a century after colonization nearly eradicated key fish populations around Vancouver, British Columbia, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation is looking to the past to restore the ecosystem.

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People & Culture

Placing the Pandemic in Perspective: Walking at the end of the world

How a new pandemic walking route helped me process feelings around illness and isolation as a chronically ill person 

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Spaces within places: a stay at the DOUGLAS hotel

Inspired by the trees that line the misty mountains of Vancouver’s coastal rainforest, the DOUGLAS offers a multi-faceted city escape

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King tides: preparing Canada’s coastline for a future of flooding

King tides are the tipping point at which storms can become devastation — as well as a glimpse of Canada’s coastline 100 years from now. Can green infrastructure help weather the danger?

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The last voyage of Captain James Cook

Canada’s Pacific coast took tangible shape after a visit from one of history’s most famous navigators

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Downtown Vancouver looking toward the North Shore Mountains circa 1936.


Throwback Thursday: Vancouver then and now

A look at how the Canadian Geographical Journal covered Vancouver’s 50th birthday

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