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The crew of the The Terror at work on the ice in the series' first episode

People & Culture

Five questions about “The Terror”

Canadian Geographic’s experts share their final reflections on the AMC series, from its historical accuracy to its place in the Franklin Expedition canon

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Charlotte Gray on Tatshenshini River


Charlotte Gray on rafting the wild Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers

The acclaimed author discovers breathtaking scenery with a side of eggs benedict in Canada's North

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Leaf River caribou on the move in Nunavik, Fall 2012


Five important northern wildlife stories to watch

The March/April issue of Canadian Geographic magazine is themed around the North — who lives there, how it's changing, and why it matters. Here, learn more about…

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Nine artworks that reveal the history and perils of exploring Canada’s North

Notable works capture the danger and drama of Arctic exploration

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