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The truth about polar bears

Depending on whom you ask, the North’s sentinel species is either on the edge of extinction or an environmental success story. An in-depth look at the complicated, contradictory and controversial science behind the sound bites

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moose alberta population app


Alberta app to track moose population across the province

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A bowhead whale in Cumberland Sound, Nunavut


New research offers insight into the skin care routine of bowhead whales

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found evidence that bowhead whales exfoliate their skin by rubbing against large rocks

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A purple martin silhouetted in flight against a blue sky


Migration in the time of climate change

New technology is helping researchers understand how birds time their migrations when the seasons send mixed signals

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York Redoubt, near the mouth of the Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia


Parks Canada places commemorating the First World War

Sites across Canada honouring the war

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Operation Husky: Reflections on a forgotten story

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Two caribou silhouetted against a dark, rainy landscape


Caribou are vanishing at an alarming rate. Is it too late to save them?

After more than a million years on Earth, the caribou is under threat of global extinction. The precipitous decline of the once mighty herds is a tragedy that is hard to watch — and even harder to reverse.

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“Whale superhighway” map marks World Whale Day

Plus: Marathon hare migrations, increasingly efficient wolves, wandering basking sharks and homemaking bees

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Many Colville Lake locals spend their time in and around trapping cabins, preparing the pelts they’ve collected.

People & Culture

Traditional trapping in the North

Once a traditional way of life across Canada, trapping survives and even thrives in communities throughout the North, including Colville Lake, N.W.T.

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A cougar sits in a tree


The cat came back: Canada’s cougar comeback

Why Canada’s cougars are on the rise — and what that means for us

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Firewater Multi-Bottle lights up Thomas' tent


Gear Review: Multi-bottle and sleeping bag

Thomas Hall review the Seattle Sports Firewater Multi-Bottle and Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Spark sleeping bag

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Met Con Blue, Sir!

Bring it … and leave it all on the mountain

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The spell of the Yukon 

An insider’s account of the modern-day gold rush

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Mapping the future of sustainable agriculture

This online map platform displays hundreds of stories on ecological farming issues from around the world

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Managing the white-tailed deer population

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Shark tag finds its way home

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Bison to return to Banff National Park

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