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Wildlife Wednesday: the monumental task of taking a polar bear to the vet

Plus: a mother orca’s burden, hope for sharks and rays, the link between salmon and wildflowers, and financially tracking the illegal wildlife trade

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Celebrating Polar Bear Week with a collection of our favourite bear-themed stories

Honouring one of Canada’s most beloved bears with stories about how polar bears hunt, how they are adapting to life on land, how they may have evolved and more!

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Wildlife Wednesday: blue shark sightings boom in the Bay of Fundy

Plus: a sticky new way to track polar bears, curious squirrel behaviour, Canada’s answer to the Galapagos and the algal experiment blasting off into space.

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Profile de courage : Le Canadien qui a sauvé une femme des crocs d’un ours polaire

Le 1er novembre 2013, William Ayotte a risqué sa vie pour secourir une femme qui se faisait attaquer par un ours polaire à Churchill, au Manitoba. Il a frappé l’ours avec une pelle, le distrayant assez longtemps pour que la femme puisse s’échapper. L’ours s’est retourné contre lui, et l’a attaqué jusqu’à ce qu’un voisin finisse par faire fuir l’animal en fonçant vers lui en camionnette en klaxonnant.

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Profile in courage: The Canadian man who saved a woman from the jaws of a polar bear

William Ayotte risked his life to rescue a woman who was being attacked by a polar bear in Churchill, Man. The bear then turned on him.

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A polar bear walks on the Arctic tundra


A partnership to save Canada’s polar bears

Winter apparel brand Canada Goose has partnered with Polar Bears International to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on the north’s most iconic animal

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Pokémon inspired by Arctic wildlife on an Arctic landscape photo by Robert Bergeron/Can Geo Photo Club

People & Culture

Seven Pokémon that would be right at home in the Canadian Arctic

These seven Pokémon characters have attributes and powers inspired by real Arctic wildlife

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Animal Facts: Polar bear

Fast Facts …

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Churchill Wild Great Ice Bear Adventure Dymond Lake Ecolodge


Coming face-to-face with polar bears in Churchill, Man.

Photographer Dax Justin shares what it’s like to walk on the tundra with the apex predator on an Arctic safari with Churchill Wild

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