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Crossing Paths: New photography project takes aim at the impacts of transportation on wildlife

The debut campaign launched by the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective brings awareness to threats to wildlife from roads, railway transit, ocean transportation and air traffic

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  • 3 minutes

People & Culture

Lifeblood: Fort Chipewyan’s relationship to water

Through photographs and interviews, Canadian photographer Sara Hylton explores how human-caused impacts are damaging Fort Chipewyan, a small community in northern Alberta

  • 1178 words
  • 5 minutes

People & Culture

Toronto as Community: Fifty Years of Photographs

Toronto-based photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo chronicles Canada’s largest city over 50 years, documenting the daily lives of ordinary citizens through time 

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People & Culture

The pause: A pandemic photo essay

As the country retreated to physical distancing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our interactions with geography altered dramatically. A collection of images that captured how Canadian life changed.

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Via Rail returns to Churchill, Manitoba

Inside the first Via Rail service in 18 months to make the iconic trip between Winnipeg and Churchill, Man. 

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