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Waking up in Pyongyang

In May 2018, writer and comedian Michael Palin travelled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to make a documentary about life in the most secretive nation on earth. The following is an excerpt from the journal he kept, which is now available as a book, North Korea Journal. 

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A display of northern lights over the northwest passage


The cold edge of heaven

In the stillness of an Arctic midwinter night, an old church bell rang out, and I stopped breathing for a few seconds

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Left: Kate Harris after a day of gritty riding on the Silk Road in 2011. Right: Harris' travel memoir, Lands of Lost Borders, is published today. (Photo: Melissa Yule)


Cycling the Silk Road

Canadian writer and explorer Kate Harris' debut travel memoir recounts her journey along the historic trade route 

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Photo: Aaron Williams


What it’s really like to fight a wildfire

A former firefighter offers a glimpse at the day-to-day lives of the men and women who rush into danger each summer to protect life and property

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