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Grosse-Île : L’île de quarantaine du Canada

Lors de la migration massive des Irlandais au Canada, il y a 175 ans, quelque 100 000 personnes ont transité par l’île de quarantaine et plus de 5 000 y sont mortes.

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Grosse Île: Canada’s quarantine island

During the mass Irish migration to Canada 175 years ago, some 100,000 people passed through the quarantine island — and more than 5,000 died there

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Choropleth map of Canada showing distribution of the Ukrainian-Canadian population across census divisions


RCGS releases new map in solidarity with Ukraine

Map shows the distribution of people of Ukrainian descent across Canada, highlighting the deep connection between the two countries

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50 ans de multiculturalisme : nous le faisons bien, sauf quand nous ne le faisons pas

Elamin Abdelmahmoud, commentateur culturel et politique pour CBC et Buzzfeed, estime que le Canada réussit parfois, échoue souvent, mais continue d’essayer

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People & Culture

50 years of multiculturalism: We do it well … except when we don’t

Elamin Abdelmahmoud, a pop culture and political commentator with CBC and Buzzfeed, explores the tension between the idea and the practice of multiculturalism in Canada — especially if you are a public figure of colour

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50 years of multiculturalism: Who is gatekeeping Canadianness?

Professor Anna Triandafyllidou reflects on a digital storytelling project that saw 28 graduate students from across Canada answer the question: Who am I?

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The symbolism of refugee ‘arrival kits’

The items given to Syrian refugees — warm clothing, DVDs, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — represent more than just practical considerations; they're the building blocks of a shared Canadian identity

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