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teachers caring for students sick with the Spanish Flu


The outbreak and its aftermath

The little-known story of the 1918 Spanish Flu and how we're preparing for the next great pandemic

  • 3183 words
  • 13 minutes
Jason Silva Shots of Awe

Science & Tech

Q&A: Futurist Jason Silva on ‘flow’ and harnessing the power of the mind

The creator and host of the popular Shots of Awe series on YouTube embarks on a four-city Canadian speaking tour next month

  • 790 words
  • 4 minutes
Professor Marek Michalak and graduate student Wen-An (Jennifer) Wang

Science & Tech

Canadian researchers discover surprising connection between calcium and cholesterol

Findings offer new insights into how cholesterol levels are controlled within the body

  • 468 words
  • 2 minutes