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National Arts Centre setup

People & Culture

Eight awesome things that happened at the 2018 RCGS Fellows Dinner

Remembering Louie Kamookak, a new Explorer-in-Residence and other highlights from the 89th Annual College of Fellows Dinner

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RCGS CEO John Geiger


One Ocean Voyager takes the Victoria Strait Expedition to the Royal Geographical Society Islands

AUV to be redeployed in waters it recently charted for signs of Franklin's ships

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RCGS floating headquarters aboard One Ocean Expedition cruise ship

Public can join voyagers on search for the lost Franklin ships

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Flag bearers

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society hoists its flag as a key partner in this year’s expanded search for the Franklin Expedition vessels

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Front row centre: One Ocean Expeditions

Polar cruise company One Ocean Expeditions makes big waves — literally — to help the mission to find Franklin’s ships

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