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​Les Traités 1 et 2 : Dans les faits

Cette année marque un siècle et demi depuis que les traités 1 et 2 ont été signés

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Map of treaties 1 and 2


Treaties 1 and 2: reflecting on the 150th anniversary

This year marks a century and a half since the first numbered treaties were signed

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Le Manitoba célèbre son 150e anniversaire

Un aperçu de la formation de la province « timbre-poste », présenté par une carte de 1871

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Manitoba celebrates its 150th anniversary

A look at the inception of the original postage-stamp province through an 1871 map

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An illustrated panoramic map of Winnipeg circa 1881


From the archives: Mapping the river city

A beautiful panoramic map offers a bird's-eye view of what Winnipeg, Manitoba would have looked like in 1881

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Polar bear Hudson Bay coast


Among the bears

Photographer Martin Gregus recounts his summer 2020 expedition to the western coast of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba

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Shining Falls in the boreal forest


Pimachiowin Aki is Canada’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site

The 29,040-square-kilometre swath of boreal forest on the Manitoba-Ontario border is the first World Heritage Site in Canada to be recognized for both its cultural and natural significance

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Canadian Geographic Travel: Summer 2015