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Experiencing Shellfish Fest on Canada’s Food Island

Oyster shucking, baskets of lobster and caesars galore, Prince Edward Island’s annual shellfish festival is the event for seafood lovers across the globe

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Eight Canadian rides you need to try

From ice chutes and air canons to floating hot tubs and Canada’s tallest rollercoaster, Robin Esrock invites you to buy the ticket, take the ride and scream to your heart’s content

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Feast and forage in Newfoundland

Making authentic connections with a local taste of food, culture, and nature

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Essential Itinerary: Winter in Western Newfoundland

A three-day guide on where to stay, what to do and how to make the most out of your time exploring Western Newfoundland 

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A hands-on education in Churchill, Manitoba

Tundra Buggy pioneer Frontiers North invites adventurous families to northern Manitoba for a bucket list summer vacation

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Aim right in the Rockies: A visit to Painted Warriors

Located in the foothills of the Rockies, this Indigenous experience invites you to engage with Indigenous outdoor traditions and reconnect with nature in a new way

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The thrill of the hike: Exploring Bic National Park

Shaped by the sea, Bic boasts more than 25 kilometres of marked trails taking visitors over the water, through the forest and into the clouds

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