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Bird or UFO? A summer road trip birdwatching and visiting a UFO launch pad in Alberta

Join travel writer Carol Patterson as she explores Cold Lake Provincial Park and the town of St. Paul, home of Canada’s first UFO landing pad

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People & Culture

Profil de courage : L’homme canadien qui a sauvé son frère après une accident d’hélicoptère

Madden Sarver a secouru son frère grièvement blessé après leur hélicoptère s’est écrasé dans une région montagneuse éloignée près de Grande Cache. Alberta le 30 janvier 2009.

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People & Culture

Profile in courage: The Canadian man who saved his brother after a helicopter crash 

Madden Sarver rescued his severely injured brother after their helicopter crashed in a remote mountainous area near Grande Cache, Alta. on Jan. 30, 2009. 

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People & Culture

How South Sudanese child soldiers found a new life in Alberta

Episode 39

Former child soldiers who fought in Sudan during Africa’s bloodiest civil war eventually found refuge in Canada — many of them in Brooks, Alta. Anthropologist, author and journalist Carol Berger shares their stories.

  • 44 minutes

People & Culture

The cowboy exclaims: The ballad of an ageing vaquero and his troubled horse, Bunny

The ultimate goal of vaquero horsemanship is to produce a “finished” horse: an exceptionally responsive animal that is a true partner to its rider

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7 of the most romantic escapes in Canada

Whether your idea of romance is roses and chocolate or cross-country skiing 11 kilometres through a UNESCO Heritage Park, this list has you covered

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Science & Tech

New species of tyrannosaurus discovered in Alberta

Thanatotheristes — meaning “reaper of death” — is the first tyrannosaur species identified in Canada in 50 years

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Alberta ministers and leaders stand together holding copies of the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

People & Culture

Alberta government to distribute Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada to schools province-wide

The Alberta government has announced a plan to provide every junior and high school with a copy of the atlas

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Royal Alberta Museum, move,


Photos: Inside the Royal Alberta Museum’s mammoth move

The Royal Alberta Museum has officially opened its downtown Edmonton building, capping a complex multi-year move that’s captured in this behind-the-scenes photo essay

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People & Culture

“This is where our heart is”

Earlier this year, an Alberta Métis community became the first to purchase their territory from the province. Here’s what it means for their future. 

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A wolverine


Why won’t wolverines cross the road?

In shedding light on wolverines’ aversion to roads, new research suggests the key to their conservation in Alberta 

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How artificial intelligence could help predict major forest fires

Researchers at the University of Alberta have trained a "self-organizing map" to identify high-risk days for fires 

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An illustration of a handheld device that would use polymers to test drinking water quality

Science & Tech

University of Alberta researcher developing simpler way to test water quality

Michael Serpe's fieldwork is based in rural India, but he says Canadian First Nations communities could benefit from realtime water quality data as well

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Skeleton of a Struthiomimus altus from Drumheller’s Royal Tyrrell Museum

Science & Tech

Dinosaur death pose mystery

Theories behind why dinosaur fossils are found in a strange position

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Barry Kaye holds a bison skull at his ranch near Wainwright, Alta.


Bodo Bison

A local rancher gives a tour of his bison herd

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