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2014 Victoria Strait Expedition

Image from the Voyager during this summer's Victoria Strait Expedition


Timelapse video: Victoria Strait search for the Franklin Expedition ships

A view of the Arctic ice that plagued this year’s search

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Parks Canada’s Ryan Harris with a fin, one of the pieces of equipment divers will be using while exploring the Franklin wreck site


Equipment for underwater exploration at Franklin shipwreck

The gear divers are using to view the wreck

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Cold water diving in the Arctic

The challenges that lie ahead for divers exploring the Franklin shipwreck

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Franklin wreck found

Prime Minister Harper announces the discovery of one of the two lost ships of the famed Franklin Expedition

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A look at the ice in James Ross Strait


Captain’s log: Into James Ross Strait

Work continues after passing through sea ice

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Weekend warriors

Re-enactments set storytelling and historical accuracy to a backdrop of pyrotechnics

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