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Science & Tech

Being searchable with RECCO

The ultra-light device helps to locate skiers buried under snow or adventurers lost in the backcountry

  • 536 words
  • 3 minutes

People & Culture

Setting the South Pole speed record with Caroline Coté

Episode 68

The polar explorer and endurance athlete discusses what kept her going during her record-breaking expedition, challenges she faced, and her favourite place in Canada 

  • 52 minutes


Meet Caroline Côté, the fastest woman to reach the South Pole

Breaking stereotypes, pushing boundaries and logging an extraordinary achievement

  • 913 words
  • 4 minutes


Alpine night skiing by torchlight: A New Year’s moment in Sun Peaks

Night skiing under the direction of Olympic legend Nancy Greene Raine

  • 1053 words
  • 5 minutes


Skiing or snowshoeing? Enjoy the best of both worlds at this unique backcountry lodge

At British Columbia’s Purcell Mountain Lodge, guests can partake in skiing and snowshoeing and then end the day with a well-deserved three-course dinner

  • 1559 words
  • 7 minutes

British Columbia


Cat skiing vs heli-skiing: Which one should top your bucket list?

It’s like comparing champagne to prosecco, but both will forever change the way you view skiing

  • 1453 words
  • 6 minutes