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Diving Kingston’s shipwrecks: The hidden histories of Lake Ontario

Taking a closer look at Kingston’s museums below the surface 

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View of the Bellot Strait from the Voyager's bow


What’s next for the Franklin wreck?

Plans for the still unidentified ship remain unclear

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Parks Canada’s Ryan Harris talked about the plan to dive at the wreck site last week before heading back to the Arctic. He is helming the dive at the Franklin shipwreck this week.


“It’s an extraordinary site”

Divers descend to Franklin wreck for the first time

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Cold water diving in the Arctic

The challenges that lie ahead for divers exploring the Franklin shipwreck

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Photos of the shipwreck discovered in Queen Maud Gulf


“We have a chance to look history in the eye”

Parks Canada divers to examine Franklin wreck before winter sets in

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Franklin wreck found

Prime Minister Harper announces the discovery of one of the two lost ships of the famed Franklin Expedition

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Arctic artifacts

What ancient items are found in shipwrecks in the Arctic

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Photo Courtesy of Ryan Harris/Parks Canada


Diver delves into the details of searching for the Franklin Expedition’s lost ships

Exploring the shipwrecks on the Arctic sea floor

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