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A tiger shark


Opinion: It’s time for Canada to stand up for sharks

Why I’m sponsoring a bill to ban the importation of shark fins to Canada

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A large female Greenland shark observed near the community of Arctic Bay, Nunavut


Caught on camera: Elusive Greenland sharks

Using cameras baited with squid, researchers were able to gather information about these ancient Arctic fish without taking any out of the water 

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tiger shark


Get to know Canada’s shark species

Meet some of the incredible toothy predators swimming off our shores

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Shark facts to kick off Shark Week

To kick off Shark Week, here are 10 facts about some of the sharks that swim in Canadian waters.

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The spiny dogfish made history when it was certified as the world’s first sustainable shark fishery in 2011


The great green shark hunt 

Can British Columbia’s spiny dogfish make the grade as the world’s first “sustainable” shark fishery?

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