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Wildlife Wednesday: does Canada need to cull wolves to save ‘baby reindeer’?

Plus: Canada’s favourite baby orca finally free, turkeys run wild in Quebec, giant prehistoric sabre-toothed salmon renamed, and Toronto Zoo is expecting a snow leopard-shaped bundle of joy

  • 964 words
  • 4 minutes

People & Culture

Salmon Run: humour, happiness and hope on the highways and great rivers of Eastern Canada

Jeff McIntyre’s new graphic novel illustrates how nature and the road can nurture beleaguered souls

  • 790 words
  • 4 minutes


Wildlife Wednesday: study finds California sea lions are getting bigger

Plus: juvenile salmon migration timing is changing, candy-striped spiders are catching big prey and $500,000 worth of baby eels seized in Enfield, N.S.

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  • 5 minutes


Wildlife Wednesday: how bees are helping to solve elephant-human conflict in Africa

Plus: cross-border salmon tension, a clue in the eastern wolf debate, the role of weather in bison migration and evidence a near-mythical wolf once roamed Canada

  • 987 words
  • 4 minutes


Wildlife Wednesday: the titanic ants that once roamed prehistoric B.C.

Plus: bald eagles take to farms, a wayward puffin shows up in New Brunswick, new study finds not all orca hunt the same, and a new approach to hatching salmon

  • 985 words
  • 4 minutes