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Wildlife Wednesday: Toronto Zoo welcomes twin snow leopard cubs!

Plus: mercury rising in the North Atlantic, borers hitting Vancouver, killer whales diving on a single breath, and falcons feeling the effect of banned chemicals

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Minister Wilkinson


Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson on the future of Canada’s oceans

The new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard sits down with Canadian Geographic for an exclusive interview on a range of topics, from salmon to whales to ‘last ice’

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A Canada lynx stands alert in the snow


Wildlife Wednesday: orca, wolves, skates, hares and pronghorns

Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news

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Robson Bight Day to Night


Day to Night in Robson Bight

For the latest image in his iconic Day to Night series, photographer Stephen Wilkes set his sights on an important ecological reserve in British Columbia. Here's why. 

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