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Les feux de forêt s’enflamment sur le long de l’autoroute de Yellowknife, au sud de Behchokò (T.N.-O.), en 2014. Les chercheurs étudient l’influence des feux à long terme sur les lacs et les cours d’eau.

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Investigating the landscape legacies of northern wildfires

Ongoing studies of fire-scarred landscapes in the Northwest Territories are revealing the surprising resilience of northern streams and lakes

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ice storm, trees, power lines


The storm of the century

20 years on, a look back at the Ice Storm of January 1998, one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history

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Flooding in Calgary, 2013


Study finds majority of Canadians who live in high-risk flood zones don’t know it

University of Waterloo researchers want to see Canada develop a national flood risk strategy 

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map of Canada's biggest earthquakes


Mapping Canada’s biggest earthquakes

A recent earthquake in Nunavut has drawn attention to Canada's surprising seismic zones

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An F5 tornado as it approached Elie, Man. on June 22, 2007.


Canada’s worst weather

10 natural disasters in the last 20 years that Canadians won’t soon forget