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Being searchable with RECCO

The ultra-light device helps to locate skiers buried under snow or adventurers lost in the backcountry

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A new spark in wildfire investigation

How new techniques may be able to help solve more cases of large-scale arson 

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Toronto’s crown jewel: the CN Tower

Fifty years ago, construction began on the CN Tower, now it stands as the pinnacle of the Toronto skyline

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A conceptualization of the James Webb space telescope floats in a blue and purple starry cosmos, its hexagonal mirrors glittering gold against an opalescent sunshield

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Eye in the sky: How the newly-launched James Webb Space Telescope will help us see the universe

To see galaxies far, far away, the most advanced telescope ever built will use Canadian instruments

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Inside your smartphone: analyzing the rare-earth elements

How so-called rare earth elements are powering our modern tech — and where to find them

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Breanna Adams and Alissa Dicaire/Canadian Geographic

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Infographic of 10 Manitoba fossil facts

Manitoba has more to offer paleontology enthusiasts than you thought

Satellite view of Lake Huron, one of Canada's largest lakes. (Photo: NASA/Wikimedia Commons)


Infographic: Canada’s 10 largest lakes by volume

This infographic depicts Canada’s 10 largest lakes, in order of volume, using relatively sized spheres to help you visualize and compare thousands of cubic kilometres of water.

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