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Written in stone: What fossils can tell us about the future

How peering into our ancient past could transform our understanding of contemporary climate change

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Wildlife Wednesday: Perfectly preserved baby mammoth found in the Yukon

Plus: Colossal tree discovery in B.C., hope for Quebec’s musical frogs, what we can learn from ancient West Coast fish bones and Newfoundland’s Buddy Wasisname immortalized as ancient fossil!

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A little brown bat hangs from the roof of a cave


Wildlife Wednesday: arty badgers, bespoke batcaves and a fantastic fossil find

It's your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news!

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Snapping turtle hatchling


Wildlife Wednesday: chatty snappers, mite-y silk and the deadly B.C. heatwave

Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news

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Protarctos in its environment


Ancient bear with bad teeth offers insight into modern bear ecology

Researchers say cavities in fossilized bear teeth suggest that even early in their evolution, bears geared up for winter by eating sugary berries

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