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Vancouver Island marmot


Wildlife Wednesday: Birds, butterflies, bears, bats and… babies!

Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news

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Frozen tissue samples at national biodiversity cryobank of canada

Science & Tech

Inside the National Biodiversity Cryobank of Canada, a DNA “library of life”

As its one-year anniversary approaches, the cryobank at the Canadian Museum of Nature is ready to grow its collection of plant and animal tissues

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A cold and windy spring night on the vast landscape of Devon Ice Cap – two subglacial lakes are lurking 750 m below the surface. Photo credit: Anja Rutishauser

Science & Tech

Super-salty lakes under Arctic ice cap could help in the search for extraterrestrial life

Conditions in isolated saline lakes beneath the Devon Ice Cap could be similar to those on Jupiter's icy moon Europa, thought to be capable of supporting life 

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