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Remembering Jon Lindbergh, a pioneering aquanaut

A son of the legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh, Jon made his mark in the “Golden Age of diving” through his role in the Man-in-Sea experiment

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A diver stands on top of a submarine on the sea surface


Going deep for discovery: ocean exploration reaches new lows

Meet Limiting Factor, the submersible leading us to new depths of ocean exploration

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A plain pocketbook mussel and its lure


Lessons in interconnectivity: Ottawa River mussels

Jill Heinerth explores what can we learn from the lifecycle of freshwater mussels

  • 821 words
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The USS Johnston shipwreck


Locating and diving on the world’s deepest shipwreck

Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow Kelvin Murray recounts his role in the record-setting early 2021 expedition

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Jill Heinerth cave selfie


Exploring beyond fear

In this excerpt from her new memoir, Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver, Jill Heinerth writes about learning to accept fear as a part of exploration

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Going wild on Bonaire

Inland from Bonaire’s renowned sand, surf and scuba is an untamed island unlike any other in the Caribbean

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Cold water diving in the Arctic

The challenges that lie ahead for divers exploring the Franklin shipwreck

  • 83 words
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