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Scientists solve mystery of lunge-feeding whales

Plus: Arctic-bound beavers, New Brunswick’s rare vulture visit, Manitoba’s cougar comeback and Canada’s feistiest flora

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Canada‘s largest EVER private conservation project

Also: Climate changed restaurant menus, sandhill cranes in New Brunswick, bears waking up from their slumber — and a pesky woodpecker hits Canada where it hurts

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“Whale superhighway” map marks World Whale Day

Plus: Marathon hare migrations, increasingly efficient wolves, wandering basking sharks and homemaking bees

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An LDD moth pictured on a green leaf


What’s in a name? Problematic names in the world of wildlife

Wildlife names that could use a rebrand

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A little brown bat hangs from the roof of a cave


Wildlife Wednesday: arty badgers, bespoke batcaves and a fantastic fossil find

It's your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news!

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Wildlife Wednesday: Baby caribou, star-crossed salmon and bringing buffalo back

Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news

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caribou in nunavut


Study finds half of Canada’s vertebrate wildlife species are in decline

Habitat loss, pollution, climate change have all contributed to steep declines of some species since 1970 

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a collage of wildlife photos including whales, wolves, black bears, kermode bears and moose


Photos: Best Wildlife Photography 2020

A sneak peek at Canada's top wildlife photos in our new special collector's edition

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