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Protarctos in its environment


Ancient bear with bad teeth offers insight into modern bear ecology

Researchers say cavities in fossilized bear teeth suggest that even early in their evolution, bears geared up for winter by eating sugary berries

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The fossil of Tiktaalik roseae

People & Culture

Famous arctic fossil returns to Canada

Tiktaalik, a famous 375-million-year-old fish fossil, was welcomed back to Canada this week.

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One of the footprints being prepared for transportation


Footprints found in B.C. may be North America’s oldest

Footprints found on a remote British Columbia island might be the oldest ones ever discovered in North America.

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Skeleton of a Struthiomimus altus from Drumheller’s Royal Tyrrell Museum

Science & Tech

Dinosaur death pose mystery

Theories behind why dinosaur fossils are found in a strange position

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