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What it’s like to sail around Antarctica with One Ocean Expeditions

As another southern summer approaches, here’s a look back at six awesome things that happened on the maiden Antarctic voyage of the RCGS Resolute

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Shelley Ball with a chinstrap penguin in Antarctica

Science & Tech

How the Homeward Bound expedition program is empowering women in science

As a biologist and photographer, I had long hoped to visit Antarctica — but this journey was much more than a travel dream fulfilled

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Canadian neuroscientist to embark on Antarctic leadership expedition

Dr. Catherine Sorbara is the sole Canadian participating in Homeward Bound 2018, an annual three-week-long expedition in Antarctica aimed at bolstering women leaders in STEMM

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Satellite image of Antarctica Weddell Sea with sea ice and extra-tropical cyclones from September 25, 2017


A huge hole in Antarctica’s sea ice could offer insight into climate change

Researchers say the naturally occurring ice-free area, called a polynya, is a rare opportunity to study heat transfer between the ocean and atmopshere in the southern polar region

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November 2016 larsen C ice rift


One trillion tonne iceberg the size of P.E.I splits from Antarctica

The iceberg is one of the largest on record, measuring 5,800 square kilometres with a volume twice that of Lake Erie

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The Wright stuff

The story of the Canadian explorer who discovered Scott’s frozen remains in Antarctica

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