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Louie Kamookak during a visit to the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre

People & Culture

Remembering Louie Kamookak

Author Kenn Harper pays tribute to the life, legacy and work of his fellow historian

  • 880 words
  • 4 minutes
Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Franklin find

An unabridged Q&A about historic significance, benefits to the north and what the future holds

  • 1288 words
  • 6 minutes


It’s Erebus!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper reveals identity of found Franklin ship during Question Period

  • 489 words
  • 2 minutes
Photos of the shipwreck discovered in Queen Maud Gulf


“We have a chance to look history in the eye”

Parks Canada divers to examine Franklin wreck before winter sets in

  • 277 words
  • 2 minutes
Erebus and Terror in the Antarctic


The Franklin Expedition’s ships: The HMS Erebus and HMS Terror

Franklin’s ships were hardened veterans of polar travel, and technological marvels of their age

  • 312 words
  • 2 minutes