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Coming back to Canada: A pandemic odyssey

Canadian Geographic’s assistant editor on her journey home.

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The future of Canadian tourism is local

Federal Economic Development Minister Mélanie Joly shares how the government is supporting the Canadian tourism industry, and what travel will look like in our immediate post-COVID future

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Bigfoot emerges in B.C.’s Harrison Hot Springs

As the community hunkers down at home, Sasquatch sightings are on the rise

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8 great virtual vacations to take from your couch

With domestic and international tourism on hold for the foreseeable future, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to experience top Canadian and U.S. destinations without ever leaving home

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4 delicious cocktails to make at home

Bring the bar home and brush up on your mixology skills with an assist from some great Canadian hotels and cocktail bars 

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Opinion: Nature didn’t drop this bomb. We dropped it on nature

The SARS outbreak of 2003 showed us the consequences of environmental degradation and the commodification of wild animals. Why hasn’t anything changed? 

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