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People & Culture

How South Sudanese child soldiers found a new life in Alberta

Episode 39

Former child soldiers who fought in Sudan during Africa’s bloodiest civil war eventually found refuge in Canada — many of them in Brooks, Alta. Anthropologist, author and journalist Carol Berger shares their stories.

  • 44 minutes

People & Culture

The cowboy exclaims: The ballad of an ageing vaquero and his troubled horse, Bunny

The ultimate goal of vaquero horsemanship is to produce a “finished” horse: an exceptionally responsive animal that is a true partner to its rider

  • 2524 words
  • 11 minutes
A grizzly bear lies dead on the side of the road


Animal crossing: Reconnecting North America’s most important wildlife corridor

This past summer an ambitious wildlife under/overpass system broke ground in B.C. on a deadly stretch of highway just west of the Alberta border. Here’s how it happened.

  • 3625 words
  • 15 minutes
A crowd of tourist swarm on a lakeside beach in Banff National Park


Smother Nature: The struggle to protect Banff National Park

In Banff National Park, Alberta, as in protected areas across the country, managers find it difficult to balance the desire of people to experience wilderness with an imperative to conserve it

  • 3707 words
  • 15 minutes

Science & Tech

New species of tyrannosaurus discovered in Alberta

Thanatotheristes — meaning “reaper of death” — is the first tyrannosaur species identified in Canada in 50 years

  • 615 words
  • 3 minutes



Alberta ministers and leaders stand together holding copies of the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada


Alberta government to distribute Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada to schools province-wide

The Alberta government has announced a plan to provide every junior and high school with a copy of the atlas

  • 495 words
  • 2 minutes


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Getting back to nature

Birch Bay Ranch lets visitors enjoy ranch life

  • 269 words
  • 2 minutes
Photo courtesy of WinSport


Fast and furious in Canada Olympic Park

A professional pilot guides three first-timers down a bobsleigh track

  • 354 words
  • 2 minutes
Medalta kiln structures


Cementing culture in Medicine Hat’s historic clay district

National Historic site takes visitors back in time to thriving industry

  • 477 words
  • 2 minutes
A petroglyph believed to symbolize the circle of life  (Photo: Callum Snape)


Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park takes visitors back in time

First Nations history shines through petroglyphs and pictographs

  • 455 words
  • 2 minutes


Alberta Festivals

Sights to See

  • 665 words
  • 3 minutes


Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Visitors learn about wolfdogs and the responsibilities of ownership at the sanctuary

  • 649 words
  • 3 minutes
Chuckwagon racing


A hundred years of rodeo

Capturing the spirit of the Calgary Stampede on the eve of its centennial

  • 2043 words
  • 9 minutes
Barry Kaye holds a bison skull at his ranch near Wainwright, Alta.


Bodo Bison

A local rancher gives a tour of his bison herd

  • 284 words
  • 2 minutes