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Experiencing Shellfish Fest on Canada’s Food Island

Oyster shucking, baskets of lobster and caesars galore, Prince Edward Island’s annual shellfish festival is the event for seafood lovers across the globe

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  • 3 minutes

Science & Tech

Unlocking Mount Meager’s volcanic secrets

A team of experts went on a mission to uncover the hazards of one of Canada’s northernmost volcanoes of the Cascade Arc

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Science & Tech

The hidden world of fungi

As fungi bloom into the mainstream, a research station hidden in the B.C. Rainforest aims to uncover some of the mysteries of mushrooms 

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People & Culture

With each stroke, a breath

How a journey through the Great Lakes helped reshape my relationship with water after the loss of my father

  • 3035 words
  • 13 minutes

People & Culture

Lifeblood: Fort Chipewyan’s relationship to water

Through photographs and interviews, Canadian photographer Sara Hylton explores how human-caused impacts are damaging Fort Chipewyan, a small community in northern Alberta

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September/October 2023

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Ottawa’s Pinhey sand dunes

The push to rehabilitate a remarkable ecosystem at the edge of Ottawa, the little known remnants of an ancient sea

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People & Culture

Our Country: Jazmyn Canning and Crystal Drinkwalter on their off-grid cabin in the Maritimes

The YouTuber duo known as the Vanwives sing the praises of off-grid living in Nova Scotia

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Sleeping giant: Inside the Mount Meager volcano

Something melted a hole through the glacier above the Mount Meager Volcano in 2016. A perilous expedition ventured deep inside the cave to find out, did the volcano wake up? 

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  • 16 minutes