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Marijuana plant at Tweed Inc.

People & Culture

Photos: Inside a medical marijuana grow operation

Take a look behind the scenes at one of Canada's largest producers of medical marijuana

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An illustration of a handheld device that would use polymers to test drinking water quality

Science & Tech

University of Alberta researcher developing simpler way to test water quality

Michael Serpe's fieldwork is based in rural India, but he says Canadian First Nations communities could benefit from realtime water quality data as well

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Olympia oysters in water


Olympia oysters show resilience to ocean acidification, study finds

A new study out of Oregon State University offers hope that some marine animals possess natural defenses to ocean acidification

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A pair of horned grebe chicks on a pond


11 species added to Canadian at-risk list

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Closeup image of 99-million-year-old bird wings encased in amber, showing feather detail


Ancient wings encased in amber offer new insights into bird evolution

The 99-million-year-old specimens were discovered for sale in an amber market in Myanmar

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Most of Canada’s marine fish stocks are unhealthy: report

Less than 25 per cent of Canada’s marine fish are considered healthy, and the status of 45 per cent of stocks couldn’t be determined because data didn’t exist or was outdated

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Mapping crow attacks on the west coast

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An aerial view of Holman's Island in Bedeque Bay


Nature Conservancy protects island ‘bird hotel’ near P.E.I.

A small island off the western coast of Prince Edward Island that once housed a resort will now be a 'hotel for birds.'

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