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Nigel Hussey prepares to tag a Greenland shark in Scott Inlet in 2013. (Photo courtesy of Steven Fields)

Science & Tech

Following Greenland Sharks in Canada’s Arctic

Using acoustic and satellite tags, scientists in the Canadian Arctic are slowly gathering information about one of the region’s most mysterious and important creatures: the…

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UAlberta researchers compiled the full genome of the bighorn sheep using its domestic cousin as a reference point. (Photo: Joshua Miller)


Bighorn sheep genome sequenced

Efforts to conserve bighorn sheep could receive a boost after scientists at the University of Alberta constructed the first whole genome sequence of the animal.The…

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Wild parsnip from above. (Photo: Joshua Mayer/Wikimedia Commons)


Invasive Species Centre on wild parsnip

Dilhari Fernando, executive director of Canada’s Invasive Species Centre, discusses Wild Parsnip, which is classified as a noxious weed in Ontario

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