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RCGS celebrates launch of Franklin’s Lost Ship in Toronto

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The common eider was one of the bird types collected for study. (Photo: Andreas Trepte)


Study shows waterfowl ingesting debris in Atlantic Canada

Waterfowl species using coastal marine and freshwater environments in Atlantic Canada are exposed to and ingesting plastic and metal debris, a study has found.

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An exhibit within the newly opened Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum. (Photo: Guillaume Nolet)


5 dino finds from the Peace Region

Significant discoveries that have been made in northern Alberta

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An iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland (Photo: Gérald Tapp/Wikimedia Commons)


Map: Icebergs route south

Follow icebergs on their journey from the Arctic on interactive map

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First World War maps

Connecting to the past through McMaster's treasure trove of historical maps from the war

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