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La trace écrite

Un regard sur le système d’identification utilisé pour contrôler les résidents chinois, à l’occasion du 100e anniversaire de la loi sur l’exclusion des Chinois

  • 972 words
  • 4 minutes


Reflecting on the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act

On the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a look at the system of IDs used to track and control Chinese residents

  • 840 words
  • 4 minutes


Map shows the spread of blacklegged ticks across Canada

Blacklegged ticks are spreading across Canada — and they’re bringing Lyme disease with them

  • 482 words
  • 2 minutes


A new spark in wildfire investigation

How new techniques may be able to help solve more cases of large-scale arson 

  • 521 words
  • 3 minutes

People & Culture

Tintamarre: Inside the raucous Acadian parade in Clare, N.S.

The tintamarre showcases the vitality of the Acadian culture  — and some supersized papier-mâché heads

  • 1501 words
  • 7 minutes

May/June 2023

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Seeds of change

What a small garden in Yellowknife signifies for Canada’s relationship with King Charles III

  • 713 words
  • 3 minutes


Le roi de la plongée

Souvenir d’un périple sous la glace lors de la venue du roi Charles III dans le passage du Nord-Ouest en 1975

  • 2974 words
  • 12 minutes


King of chill: Diving in the Arctic with the future King Charles III

Remembering a 1975 journey under the ice of the Northwest Passage with King Charles III

  • 2808 words
  • 12 minutes


Tiwšɛm (learn): a stay at Klahoose Wilderness Resort

On the coast of B.C.’s mainland awaits an immersive experience on the water’s edge, where tourism can be an act of reconciliation

  • 2033 words
  • 9 minutes