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The main spillway for the Hydro-Quebec's Riviere des Prairies dam

Science & Tech

Hydroelectricity in Quebec

Four experts discuss Hydro-Quebec and the driving force behind its gigantic network of generating stations

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Manitoba — Keeyask generating station

Science & Tech

Sharing hydroelecticity across national borders

How Canada and the United States are using transmission lines to reduce reliance on coal

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Quebec — La Romaine-1 generating station

Science & Tech

Innovation in hydro power

How Hydro-Quebec is turning problems into opportunities for innovation

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Labrador — Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric generating facility

Science & Tech

Aboriginal hydropower

Navigating the the collaborative future between First Nations and the Canadian hydro industry

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Ontario — Sir Adam Beck generating stations I & II

Science & Tech

Canada’s hydroelectric future

How Canada's century-old renewable hydro power has evolved – and may be an answer to a fossil-fuel-free future

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June 2016



Magnetic maps helped 18th century mariners

How navigators kept track of an unseen force that could affect their course

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Yellow rails are among the species researchers are tracking using bioacoustics


Researchers tracking climate change with sound

Researchers at the University of Alberta are relying on sound rather than sight to monitor the effects of climate change on more than 230 species of wildlife in the…

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Photo: Carolyn Janzen/Can Geo Photo Club


Throwback Thursday: Turning wheat straw into paper

Canada produces approximately 20 million tonnes of unused wheat straw, which could instead be made into enough paper for 20 million magazines

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