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June 2016

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At six acres, the green roof that covers the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre is the largest in Canada


Five of Canada’s most innovative green roofs

From Vancouver to Montreal, green roofs are changing the upper levels of urban centers

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Temperature data from four international science institutions


Is climate change linked to geomagnetism?

Crackpot theory or viable explanation?

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Joe MacInnis


Joe MacInnis on climate change challenges

The renowned underwater explorer talks about his experience navigating the depths of an angry Mother Ocean

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Sea lampreys


Sea lampreys in Lake Superior to be targeted hard this summer

The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service are working hard to reduce the number of invasive sea lampreys in Lake Superior

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Yellow rails are among the species researchers are tracking using bioacoustics


Researchers tracking climate change with sound

Researchers at the University of Alberta are relying on sound rather than sight to monitor the effects of climate change on more than 230 species of wildlife in the…

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Photo: Carolyn Janzen/Can Geo Photo Club


Throwback Thursday: Turning wheat straw into paper

Canada produces approximately 20 million tonnes of unused wheat straw, which could instead be made into enough paper for 20 million magazines

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