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The main spillway for the Hydro-Quebec's Riviere des Prairies dam

Science & Tech

Hydroelectricity in Quebec

Four experts discuss Hydro-Quebec and the driving force behind its gigantic network of generating stations

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Manitoba — Keeyask generating station

Science & Tech

Sharing hydroelecticity across national borders

How Canada and the United States are using transmission lines to reduce reliance on coal

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Quebec — La Romaine-1 generating station

Science & Tech

Innovation in hydro power

How Hydro-Quebec is turning problems into opportunities for innovation

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Labrador — Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric generating facility

Science & Tech

Aboriginal hydropower

Navigating the the collaborative future between First Nations and the Canadian hydro industry

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Ontario — Sir Adam Beck generating stations I & II

Science & Tech

Canada’s hydroelectric future

How Canada's century-old renewable hydro power has evolved – and may be an answer to a fossil-fuel-free future

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June 2016





Adam Fenech on P.E.I.’s rising sea levels

How a digital visualisation is showing islanders the future toll of climate change on their home

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Yellow rails are among the species researchers are tracking using bioacoustics


Researchers tracking climate change with sound

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Photo: Carolyn Janzen/Can Geo Photo Club


Throwback Thursday: Turning wheat straw into paper

Canada produces approximately 20 million tonnes of unused wheat straw, which could instead be made into enough paper for 20 million magazines

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